Ida Sandin

Project Manager

“I learn new things every day. My role is defined but I still get lots of room to explore my creativity. I actually get to contribute with my ideas to some of the largest brands in Scandinavia, and that’s pretty cool.”

Ida has only worked at Avensia for 9 months but feel like it’s been several years already.

She was immediately thrown into action and took responsibility for customers such as Mekonomen, Procurator and Menigo.

In Ida’s daily work she handles application management for several customers, allocating resources, budget, and builds the customer relationship. Her goals are to keep developing and become the best project manager she can be.

“The development curve at Avensia is totally off the charts, and I’m not sure where it will end. Somehow I feel like sky is the limit at this company. I’m hoping to get the chance to travel a lot as we expand into new markets.”

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