Chang Liu

Front End Developer

A love for coding and a year-long experience in Java development eventually led Chang Liu from China to Avensia, where he is fully immersed in the Avensia Developer Trainee program.

“Every day at Avensia offers yet another opportunity to grow, and I think it has a lot to do with the great working environment – everyone is so kind and happy to share their knowledge!”

At Avensia, Chang is working on a prestigious project for beauty supply giant Kicks, where he’s getting to use variety of technologies, including Redux, TypeScript and Styletron. He credits an inclusive, international working environment and great mentorship for his rapid growth and development.

“The tutoring I have at Avensia is the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve learned so much from the great mentoring and tutoring, pair-programming and discussions in Slack. So far, I’ve learned to identify problems in detail, I’ve gained a better understanding of React, state flow, HTML elements, and I’ve gotten more than a few useful styling tips – amongst other things,” Chang shares. “At Avensia, I’m constantly growing and improving as a developer.”