Senior UX designer

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We are looking for a Senior UX designer who can design engaging e-commerce user experiences for different platforms. This means that you will work in different areas, like interaction and visual design. You will be involved in plenty of cross-functional work, such as identifying and concretizing customer and end-user needs.

In this role you will…

·        create user journeys, prototypes and detailed wireframes, with a keen eye for detail

·        work collaboratively with other designers, developers and product owners to build user-friendly digital products and services for a range of clients

·        be involved in projects from start to finish – setting the direction, and identifying and solving problems

·        create wireframes, Hi-Lo fidelity prototypes and concept sketches using tools such as Sketch, Adobe Suite, Studio, Principle, Invision, Marvel, etc.

·        have regularly contact with clients to ensure that designs meet their requirements and core business objectives

·        iterate on your ideas and designs based on user input and feedback from your team

·        work on cross platform applications to develop user experiences covering mobile phones, tablets and computers

·        stay updated on the latest developments, trends and thinking within digital design and share your knowledge and thoughts with both colleagues and clients

·        work collaboratively with other designers, development teams, business analysts, engineers and project managers

·        attend appropriate conferences and training events when required

We believe that you…

·        have the ability to clearly communicate your design decisions to different people

·        can articulate a human-center approach to design and are comfortable with complexity

·        are staying up to date with Design Thinking and what’s going on in the industry

·        are a problem solver who´s ideas challenges the ordinary

·        have outstanding communication skills and responsiveness to the people around you

·        can explain your design objectively and convincingly in a way that is easy for anyone to understand

·        have strong collaboration skills and the ability to create rationales and persuade both the client and the team for a given design direction

We need you to have…

·        at least 3 years industry experience in UX/UI design

·        a portfolio reflecting a strong design sense and problem-solving skills, one that illustrates all above-mentioned points

Would you like to join?

At Avensia you work in a productive environment with the latest techniques and several world-renowned brands as our clients. We are a dynamic and rapidly growing company where a lot of exciting things happens.

But we’re more than just work! We’re committed to creating and maintaining a workplace that people look forward to going to every morning. So except from making sure we always have great coffee and a free breakfast, we also have game nights, fika clubs, knowledge groups, conferences, free massages, group workout sessions, and all sorts of fun activities. You will be based at our HQ in modern premises in central Lund.