PIM system

What is PIM - Product Information Management?

Our clients often work in several markets, with a wide range of products. They need to be able to control assortments and handle product information in a system with lots of functionality that is easy to manage. This requires a well developed Product Information Management (PIM) system that in addition to making product information easy to administrate also makes it qualitative and unison.

Avensia works with inRiver PIM — one of the leading systems on the market.

How can PIM system help your e-commerce company?

The handling of product information is an important factor in the success of companies with many sales and marketing channels. How product information is handled can make or break your business on the market. A good PIM system makes it possible to deliver high quality across all channels such as web, print, mobile, and store.

Many of our customers have high demands on their PIM system and require customised solutions. We at Avensia are experts at customising PIM. By analysing your company’s conditions, products and work processes we find and develop the optimal PIM solution for you. We can build everything from recipe calculators to construction planners, and we also offer consulting to help our clients with strategies and configurations to optimise their business.