Avensia Storefront

Avensia Storefront

Avensia Storefront is an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution that implements unified commerce to help our customers built a thriving omnichannel retail business. By making all channels operate under the same business logic, Avensia Storefront enables real-time communication between Microsoft Dynamics and Episerver’s web platform.

The solution comprises both the Avensia Storefront connector that constitutes the seamless integration, as well as a fully functional and customizable e-commerce starter site.

Avensia Storefront is becoming the new standard for Unified Commerce. It connects Microsoft Dynamics with Episerver and creates great advantages for our customers. In less than 24 months Avensia has developed Avensia Storefront, established it on the Global Market and won several high impact customers. This has been in close corporation with Microsoft and Episerver. 

An E-Commerce solution that moves Dynamics into the retail channels of EPiServer.

Avensia Storefront Key features and benefits:

— Saving up to 40% of total project cost  

— Start up your project with revenue earning site  

— Same business rules and information in all channels 

— Personalization features available across all channels  

— On site, drag and drop administration for web and mobile