Avensia Academy

Avensia Academy is a fast track to becoming the next generation superstars of e-commerce. It's 1 month of intense training followed by 9 months experience in real projects. In total 10 months to get you prepared for developing some of the most cutting edge e-commerce solutions there is. The training covers all of the fundamental knowledge required to handle any of the tasks we throw at you. You will get inspired, you will become educated and you will be vigorous!

About the program

Avensia Academy Developer Program is a result of a growing company’s desire to expand even further. To do this, we need you to jump aboard. You’re a graduating student with a fresh mindset and ideas who will be introduced to the ways of working at Avensia. You’ll be educated in the essential parts of creating a world class e-commerce solution and be a key in helping our customers to develop their business to its fullest potential.  Seems a bit much? Don’t worry, we have a plan to get you up to speed. Starting in September, we will take you through the basics in every part of Avensia’s business; we call this Level 0. You might not be entirely sure what you want to work with and this is a good opportunity to get to know every aspect of the business, as told by the experts of each respective part.

Once you’ve completed Level 0, you’ll be introduced to the learning project, which you and your Academy colleagues will be working on for the remaining part of the introductory month. The project is based on the very same starter site that we use when starting up new customer projects at Avensia, and features different orientations of development where you’ll have the chance to try out the techniques and see what you like. Are you a design master in the making, or perhaps you’ve fallen in love with C#? The choice will be yours, and depending on what you like the most you will join one of our competence groups where you can further develop your skills together with your colleagues. These focus groups & technologies are what defines Avensia’s development. 

During the first month you will also receive training in the fundamentals of development, mainly web development, featuring the following three fundamentals.

Knowing your way around a version control system is essential to development, after our sessions where we’ll go through our tools and way of working you will see version control as something natural and effortless - never again will version control feel like an obstacle, you will be in control.

We’re following the agile methodology approach to our projects; working closely to the customer in sprints where the scopes can change at any time. You’ll get to know our tools, how agile is done in practice, how Avensia utilizes its strengths and how you will be a part of it. Working agile will become obvious and effortless.

The general fundamentals of our development, the shield and sword of every developer - we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started, no matter how experienced you are.

Program layout

1. One month training 

 2. Individual project plan 

 3. Visit to Cebu, Philippines

The first month will be filled with fun training to get you up to speed, the following period is defined by the individual plan you and your manager together lay out. Training and certification opportunities will be provided along with getting real experience in Avensia projects. The program will end with a visit to the tropical climate of Philippines where you’ll meet your colleagues in our Philippines office in Cebu.